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Bert’s is a premium French Café and Restaurant serving Continental Healthy Food and Healthy Drinks! Founded with one single objective – Eat Healthy! and opened in Dubai in2006.  All our ingredients are high in nutrients. We offer simple yet wholesome, fresh, nutritious, and quality food, at all times! Our main focus of the cooking is either poached, smoked, Baked or grilled only and also most of our food and drink items are protein concentrated. We have a complete and varied menu that serves everyone at every moment of the day.

We serve an international coffee brand and premium teas. Coffee lovers will love a visit to our internationally inspired coffee shop. Our Coffee Beans are the masterful selection of the best coffee origin to reep the full benefits of the freshly ground coffee combined with the most innovative roasting techniques. Served in a beautiful space, our expert Baristas craft lattes, cappuccinos and espressos are sure to foster the ultimate coffee experience.

We invite our customers as Guests and are well known for Great Hospitality and 5star Customer service. Most of our customers are loyal customers for over a decade. Our service staff is well- trained for their prompt and friendly service.


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Allow us to turn your event into a memorable experience and dining adventure that will create long-lasting souvenirs for you and your guests!

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